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In today’s world of testosterone boosters, only science is king. If you’ve done your homework, then you’ve surely come across what works and what does not… So what have tests shown us?

In an effort to cut costs, companies often include very little of the clinically tested ingredients and ONLY pump their formula full of fillers and preservatives. In fact, many testosterone boosters doesn’t even tell you the specific amounts of ingredients, hiding behind proprietary blends.

Testosyn is NOT your ordinary testosterone support supplement! Testosyn is formulated with the right ingredients in the right amounts. Testosyn contains Fenusterols, D-Aspartic Acid, Born and even 140mg of pure saponins from two extracts. Testosyn’s featured ingredients have been the subjects of clinical trials showing the individuall ingredients to increase endogenous testosterone levels, greater increase of fat loss, fat free mass, and one-repetition-maximum values for the bench press and leg press.

Increased Testosterone Can support
Increased Libido & Muscle Growth

Male Testosterone Decline With Age (20-69)

Testosterone is the most crucial hormone for muscular development and a healthy libido. High testosterone levels may be the key to quickly increasing lean body mass and shedding unwanted body fat.

Unfortunately, the body’s normal testosterone levels may not be adequate enough to help you achieve your goals. What’s worse, as you age, natural testosterone production declines.

Testosyn is an advanced testosterone booster support that contains Boron and D-Aspartic Acid, shown in clinical tests to increase free testosterone levels. The formula delivers multiple powerful ingredients – recognized individually for their effectiveness in clinical studies!

The Science Behind Our
Testosterone Optimizing Matrix

Along with one of the highest concentrations of Tribulus, Boron, D-Aspartic Acid & Fenusterol, Testosyn is formulated with 8 other powerful ingredients!

D-Aspartic Acid

D-aspartic acid is one of two forms of aspartic acid, an endogenous amino acid. Though amino acids are known as building blocks of protein, this particular amino acid, D-aspartic acid has been shown to increase testosterone levels. In a clinical trial, supplementation of D-aspartic acid increased testosterone levels by 42%. Without the supplementation of D-aspartic acid, minimal change was observed. It was demonstrated that D-aspartic acid has a role in the regulation of the release and synthesis of testosterone.

Change in Serum Testosterone

Tribulus Terrestris

This herb is known for its standardized for its saponins and protodioscin. In a six week clinical trial, those supplemented with tribulus terrestris extract saw greater increases in their lifts on the bench press, leg press, and deadlift than the group that was not supplemented with tribulus terrestris. The bench press increased by 14.4%, the leg press by 28.7%, and the deadlift by 20.9%.


Fenugreek is an ingredient designed to inhibit aromatase and 5-α reductase. A clinical trial showed its ability to increase endogenous testosterone levels. It also resulted in greater increase of fat loss, increase of fat free mass, and one-repetition-maximum values for the bench press and leg press than those who did not take fenugreek. Fenugreek seed extract contains 40% steroidal saponins standardized in a proprietary method to maximize its potential.

Change in Body Fat (Percent - %)


Boron, which is generally accepted as an essential element for humans, has also been shown to increase plasma in clinical research. In a clinical trial, without boron supplementation, free testosterone had minimal increases. However, with boron supplementation people were able to increase their free testosterone levels by 2.7 picograms per milliliter.

Change in Free Testosterone

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*Results in testimonials are atypical and individual results may vary. Each testimonial achieved results via healthy diet and exercise and were remunerated.

“I gained 10 pounds of muscle with Testosyn!”

"Testosyn is the most powerful stack I have taken ever. I was 220 when I started by the end of my cycle I was weighing in at 235. It totally sped my metabolism up to give me an amazing-ly cut ripped look I wanted. Truth is this product Testosyn works like no other testo booster out there!"

– Jeff S.

“My max jumped up to 255!”

"I started taking Testosyn at the beginning of 2008. I do hard lift but I was only able to lift for a good hour. I have seen an amazing boost on my maxes. My bench on max before was 225, in a matter of 1 month using 1 bottle and lifting my max jumped up to 255. I also experienced major jump in my squat. Before our Christmas break my max squat was 365. But as soon as I started taking Testosyn I could see how fast my squat was increasing. By the end of my first bottle of Testosyn my max went from 365 up to 395. In the time since I have started taking Testosyn I have gained 5 pounds of muscle. As soon as you start taking Testosyn you will notice a change and an energy boost. I have had no side effects at all! It worked amazing for me and I recommend it to anybody trying to become stronger or bigger. I will continue using this product. It is worth every penny!"

– Trevor H.

“Great product!”

"I am 43 years old, and according to my doctor, I am making his job of taking care of me very easy. The results in the photo are only from about 2 months of using the product. I can’t wait to see what I will look like after 6 months of using Testosyn. I am impressed at my results and I would recommend Testosyn to anyone with a similar body size as me. I am 5 foot 5 inches, and 165 pound, but before taking Testosyn, I was 177 pounds."

– Lem M.

“By far the best testosterone booster!”

"XPI Testosyn is by far the best testosterone booster I ever tried. I am a trainer and have been looking for the perfect product to help my clients achieve their goals. I’ve been disappointed by all the other products out there. No better way to show others that it works by trying it yourself. Well, I noticed big gains in power and the strength. It really helps you get the edge at the gym. For me, I really wanted to get definition and cut out the excess fat, try to get in performance shape. Testosyn delivered! From me and all my clients, THANKS for this AMAZING product!!!"

– Presley Okobia

“This stuff is hardcore!”

"After 2 weeks of use I’m more defined, harder and have more energy.”

– Nicholas M.

“I gained almost 30 pounds of muscle!”

"Testosyn is the most jam up stack I have taken ever. I was about 6’3″ 220 when I started by the end of my cycle I was 6’3″ 247 sold except for a 11 bit on my stomach but you know how that is. It also sped my metabolism up to give me the cut look I wanted. Truth is this product Testosyn works like it or not."

– Tyler W.



Testosyn is guaranteed to deliver results! If for ANY reason you are not satisfied, simply contact customer support for instructions on how to return your order of the one bottle you tried and any others in unused and resalable condition for your money back (minus S&H). With a guarantee like this you have virtually nothing to lose. Try Testosyn today!


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